Descroes is deeply rooted in the Antwerp harbour and the Antwerp environment. We are a family business with 75 years of experience and knowledge in disinfecting and treating ships in the Antwerp harbour, our global port where goods arrive from all over the world. This melting pot entails all the relevant issues, such as pests and dangerous gases. Feel free to call us the Pied Piper of Antwerp, we ensure that you will be given lasting results and will provide you a safe and sound environment, also for private buildings. You can trust on our expertise.

We thrive on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Our family business consists of a dedicated team that helps customers and provides solutions for specific problems, from dangerous gases to pests. We go to great lengths for a lasting result and to obtain your satisfaction.

Our references speak for themselves

Descroes is trusted by the best companies, by many government institutions and by a lot of individuals. We are very proud of our references, they confirm our professional approach with results that count, they speak for themselves. Would you like to know our references? You can easily request them, we are happy to provide them.

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